Intero News from No Limits in Las Vegas

Derek Overbey’s dailies from the REALTORS® Conference & Expo 2007Derek OverbeyYes, I’m here at No Limits in Las Vegas, with thousands of REALTORS®. There’s 744 exhibitors at this conference, and they are telling us more than 2,000 attendees have pre-registered from 60 countries. And, that number will grow as people show up and register onsite. It’s pretty hectic, and as crazy as you’d expect it to be with that many  REALTORS® in one place.

I’ll be joining a panel this morning for a seminar called "Marketing 2.0," where we’ll talk about how technology is transforming real estate marketing. I’ll bring notes from the discussion tomorrow.

Gino and Bob are given the RISMedia National Homeownership Award

Last night, we went to the 12th Annual RISMedia Power Broker reception, which is attended by all the big, national brokerages. Gino and Bob were completely taken by surprise and given the National Homeownership Award. Sponsored by Bank of America, the award is given in recognition of "outstanding achievements among residential real estate’s most influential and charismatic leaders."

Gino didn’t have a speech ready (I think that made him a bit nervous). But he got up and did great job, talking about the Intero Values and what that means to our business. Announces Free Listings Feed

The other big news here is that has announced they’re going to allow brokerages to feed their listings for free to the Zillow web site. Intero is currently one of the only brokerages in the Bay Area right now who is working with them. Here’s a brief from their press release.

Real estate Web site this week launched its much-anticipated Zillow® Listings Feed program, allowing brokerages and Web vendors nationwide to feed all their for-sale listings to on an automated basis for free. The program launches this week with numerous industry partners and approximately a half million for-sale listings, with more to be added in the near future. Zillow CEO Rich Barton will discuss the program on stage today at the National Association of Realtors conference in Las Vegas.

If you want to read more about what’s happening at the conference, check out the No Limits Live blog.

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